SHiFAT is on a mission to bring about fundamental lasting changes to the health care for communities across Somaliland. After all, access to reliable, quality and affordable healthcare services should not be the preserve of the few.

Thousands of the poor and vulnerable benefit from our projects, and we’re just getting started.

Are you passionate about helping to uplift poor and vulnerable communities through health?

If so, here is a great way to get your hands dirty (not really).

Become a volunteer

Volunteering  in Somaliland are filled with numerous opportunities for those who have a background in medicine or hospital management.

Those who decide to volunteer in Somaliland will have the chance to see and help improve medical procedures, clinical and hospital work, and gain valuable experience. 

Somaliland is a post conflict territory, and as such Hospitals are not equipped with all the modern equipment that is available in the the developed world. This post conflict setting in a resource poor country offers volunteers not only a test of their knowledge whilst gaining a hands on experience on tropical disease management, amongst other things.

By working with our experienced team, volunteering can also expose you to humanitarian and development work, which will challenge you in new ways.

Who we are looking for?

Internees are expected to contribute to strengthening the weak health systems in Somaliland through, helping in upskilling the local health workforce, and instituting effective hospital and health centre management.

Therefore we need prospective internees with a solid background in medicine or/and public health. If you hold a master’s degree or you are a recent medical graduate and love travelling, Contact us below with a cover letter and your CV and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Most of all, we’re looking for upbeat and passionate medical internees to contribute to our health system strengthening projects, in a clinical and non clinical roles.

How we support you

Your health, wellbeing and your security matters to us. From the minute you land at Hargeisa’s Egal international Airport, to the minute you take your role, the SHiFAT team will make sure you are appropriately supported.

It is also equally important that you leave with best experience possible. The SHiFAT team will brief you and take time to introducing you to the local culture and to colleagues you will be working with.