We work with nomadic and urban communities across the Republic of Somaliland, located in the horn of Africa.

Head quartered in the capital of Somaliland, Hargiesa, we work out of 3 regional offices including the capital, covering 10 urban and nomadic communities.

The projects sites include Sanag's regional capital, Erigavo, Las'anod, capital of the Sool region and widhwidh also in Sool region, Duruksi village in the Togdheer region and its capital Burao, where have a regional office. In the western regions in Somaliland we are currently working in three locations namely, the town of Kalalabydh, the village of Lafta faraweyne, and Hargiesa our HQ office, all of which are in the Maroodi-jeex region. We also work in the most westerly region of Awdal in the small village of Ceel gaal ('el Gal).

In many of these the nomadic communities we work in we are the only healthcare provider of any kind, making our presence a lifeline.

See how SHiFAT is helping to rebuild Somaliland's Healthcare system, and the profound changes we brought so far to the communities we serve.