The idea of SHiFAT began in 2011  by a group of individuals in the U.K of Somali heritage, who worked in public health professions and academia.
Deeply concerned about the health status of the Somali people in the Horn of Africa, they landed in Hargeisa, Somaliland, and set work on their ambitious plans by late 2014.

Early 2014 - a group of public health professionals,academics and experts in United Kingdom, gather in a series of meetings to discuss on how to rebuild Somaliland's health systems.

Late 2014 - a team make a journey to Hargeisa to meet with key stakehoders including the ministry of health and carry out assessments on 52 villand feasibility studies. The team also establishes an office.

2015 - SHiFAT registers as a charity with the England and wales charities commission and as Non govermental organisation with the Somaliland's ministry of planning.

Mid 2015 - SHiFAT reopens Erigavo regional hospital

Late 2015 - SHiFAT enters into agreement with the ministry of health and the United Nation Fund Populations UNFPA to implement CEMONC programe for pregnant mothers