Somaliland which declared independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991, has managed to build a more democratic mode of governance from the bottom up, with virtually no foreign assistance. This is also a great feat when considering that Somaliland's is surrounded by authoritarian countries.

Security & Stability

Security and stability is vital to gain access to the most vulnerable communities across Somaliland, it means the difference between delivering vital healthcare support and not. Somaliland has witnessed a remarkable period of security and stability for over a quarter of a century. Terrorist attacks on civilians such those in neighbouring Somalia are extremely rare, and attacks on aid workers are almost unheard of.

Somaliland boasts of a host of security forces. The country has its own military, police, custodial corps,maritime guards and a functioning judicial system.

That is said, it is important to note that the communities that live across the length and the breadth of Somaliland are as important as the country's security force in keeping , traditional leaders have who helped to


The government of Somaliland lacks the resources due to two major issues; firstly Somaliland is not recognised as a independent state, and therefore is not able to borrow money. Secondly Somaliland's revenue collection (ie. taxation) is weak, and the authorities, in most areas, struggle to provide basic services such as health and education. A responsive, capable and accountable relationship between government and citizens is therefore largely absent.