Erigavo Hospital, Alive and kicking again

The Erigavo regional hospital serves the expansive Sanaag region, which lies on Somaliland’s far north eastern edge. Sanaag -The largest out of Somaliland’s regions – is also served by Erigabo hospital as the only referral centre serving Sanaag’s 52 towns and villages.

When the SHiFAT team arrived to assess the situation at the hospital, they were met by a barely functioning institution, that simply was not working for the populations it was supposed to serve. Qualified Medical staff were also in very short supply, with only 2 Doctors, 7 nurses and 1 qualified midwife. The hospital’s transport department did not fare well either, only one ambulance servicing an estimated 270,367 (UNDP 2005), with more than 79% living in the rural areas.

With support from the Somaliland Development Fund, SHiFAT will be also managing :

  • Kalabaydh Health Center

SHiFAT was successful in recruiting international doctors and consultants to begin work on the rehabilitation of the hospital. Through this fund, SHiFAT will also be increasing clinical, financial and administrative staff.

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