Combating Tuberculosis

TB is one of the most common communicable diseases in Somaliland and Somalia. The latest estimated incidence rate or new cases of infection hovers at 224 per 100,000 population (WHO Global TB Report), which is extremely high.

Supported by the global fund to fight aids tuberculosis and malaria among other agencies we're combating the disease in rural Somaliland.



For pregnant woman death or injury giving birth to life, is all too real

In Somaliland and Somalia maternal mortality ratio stands at above 850/100,000 live births according to latest UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA estimates. One out of every twelve women dying due to pregnancy related causes. However it is never too late to reverse this bleak situation. In 2016 we were supported by the United Nation Fund for Populations (UNFPA) to support pregnant women in Erigavo Regional Hospital.