Adequate equipment and medical supplies are essential to saving lives in Somaliland. 

Around the world, billions of dollars of good medical equipment and supplies are simply dumped in land fill sites every year.

In Somaliland the equipment, medicine and supplies needed to help heal, repair and sustain health are expensive and often out of reach for individuals and their government.

Due to the constant chronic lack of funds, these essential supplies and equipment are unavailable to be accessed by individuals, families and whole communities, many of whom  end up sustaining a lifetime of disability or worse die.

For example, every 100,000 live births in Somaliland, 1,400 of the mothers die. And they usually die from a complication that would be simple to correct if medical staff had the resources.

If you are able to save these essential medical equipment and supplies from a landfill sites, we would love to hear from you by filling this simple contact form.