Health workers help save lives all over the world, Somaliland included.

Skilled and knowledgble health workers are crucial for good quality health service delivery across Somaliland. Its a known fact that communities that have access to affordable and good quality healthcare thrive and prosper.

As part of health worker capacity building, SHiFAT in collaboration with the Somaliland Ministry of Health (SLMOH) and Supported by Somaliland Development Fund (SDF), has just concluded a week long training on the basics of Orthopedic surgery for staff from the Erigavo (ceerigaabo) regional hospital.

The training was led by Dr. Mohamed Al-Shakef at the Hargeisa group hospital. Dr. Al-Shakef is a Syrian surgeon with almost 20 years of experience in orthopedics. The training sessions included in class theory, and in-patients ward visits to study various injuries of people admitted to the ward.

"Short training courses like these, provide invaluable insight for Erigavo regional hospital staff. It means they are able to learn whilst working at the hospital which will certainly benefit the people of Erigavo and beyond." says Dr. Al-Shakef