Through meeting and making so many Somaliland friends, the republic of Somaliland now has special meaning to me. 

Dr. Raoul, a British junior Medical Doctor at the time, embarked for a first time on a journey from London, on a long haul flight to Hargeisa, capital of Somalliland, a total distance of over 4660 Miles (7500KM) via Dubai.

His visit took him along with other colleagues across Somaliland's mountains, valleys, and virgin beaches, to communities that seldom have access to the most basic of healthcare services.

living amongst and treating members of those communities and treating, has given him a new perspective on rural health care. As well as challenging his medical knowledge, It also won him new friends.

The trip was an eye-opener to the harsh realities of some regions of the world. Yet I did not leave feeling disheartened. I left energized and full of hope. It is inspiring to think what has been achieved in the short 24 years since independence. A nation built out of the rubble of a long brutal civil war to one that has its own peaceful democratic government.

This is amazing considering how volatile that region of the world is. The bond that has now been created will drive me to support the people of Somaliland. I hope but also believe the future will be prosperous. Mahadsanid and see you. Dr Raoul Li-Everington